What We 


Red Top Technology is a team of IT professionals focused on helping businesses by providing cutting-edge solutions that are easy to install and use. Our aim is very literally to make your job easier. We are partnered with the world's top computer, software, and services companies to bring you their best at the best possible prices.

How We Help

Red Top Technology isn't just a one-stop shop for all of your hardware and software needs - Red Top Technology is partnered with companies like Microsoft, IBM, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Unitrends, and many more, allowing you to make one call and write on invoice for all of your IT needs. Red Top is also the 'extra staff' that allows your IT department to focus on your business first. From anti-virus and malware protection to mainframe installation and support, our own engineers and subject matter experts can take on tasks for you. Additionally, we provide industry-leading support ranging from IT phone support to hosting your entire environment in the cloud.

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